HighOrbit, tech industry shifting focus back to St. Louis after 15 years

In the early 2000’s, HighOrbit focused on expanding our workflow automation business internationally in Europe, South America, the Middle East, and on the coasts here in the US. 15 years later, our company would return to its birthplace of St. Louis to service the start-up community and other small businesses.

Justin Andrews of KMOV-TV, met with Brian Dwyer, lead process specialist at HighOrbit, to discuss shifts in the St. Louis tech market and how start-ups benefit from the support of software enhancements. While St Louis is home to numerous tech incubators today, it was weak on the tech front during HighOrbit’s beginnings in 2001. Our company plans to make investments in software developments, marketing and processes as part of our return.

Click here to learn more about our involvement with St. Louis and our plans for HighOrbit over the next months. Thanks to the KMOV team for sharing HighOrbit’s story and bringing more awareness to the start-up community.