Press Release – HighOrbit Adds Invoice Approval Process to its Workflow Starter Kit



SAINT LOUIS, MO – Invoice approval is a common process, and challenge, for businesses of all sizes. In many cases, there are specific requirements for who has the authority to give the approval, and who is responsible for verifying that the invoice matches the purchase order. Oversights can lead to many mishaps including overpayment, or even being cut off by a supplier for non-payment. That’s why HighOrbit, a software development company specializing in workflow automation for small businesses, has developed a standardized process for invoice approval as part of its Workflow Starter Kit.

“HighOrbit Corporations offers features and functions all businesses can integrate into operations, but we recognize that there are common processes applicable to every business. The invoice approval process is one of them,” said Brian Dwyer, Workflow Automation Specialist at HighOrbit. “Automating invoice approval enhances a team’s efficiency and accountability to ensure that all steps are followed, the right people are involved, and everything is completed in a timely manner.”

The invoice approval follows a direct process, or a manual start, that is defined and requires tracking, accountability and timely execution for any businesses. The user starts the invoice approval process by entering the data and assigning the Approver. A task is then assigned to the chosen Approver where they can approve or reject the request. A rejection assigns a task to the process initiator, while the approval moves the process forward. If the invoice total is over a certain amount, a task is assigned to a higher level approver who determines whether to approve or reject. If the total is under that amount, or after higher level approval occurs, accounting is assigned a task to “code” the invoice. Once coding is completed, accounts payable is assigned a task to process the invoice for payment and then terminates. This process can be customized with a combination of features that is suitable for any business.

HighOrbit’s Brian Dwyer, believes that companies can benefit from the workflow management tool to help place accountability on its employees. “HighOrbit can create any process to cater to the needs of any business based off the specifics,” said Dwyer. “We are happy to create solutions that will document active tasks and process the data for the benefit of our users.”


About HIghOrbit

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