FAQ – How to Copy a Process Design

How to Copy a Process Design?

There is not a traditional copy/paste feature due to the complex nature of the system and its database structure.  You can however use a previously designed process for designing another.  It is accomplished via standard export & import utilities found under the File menu in the Process Designer.

HighOrbit FAQs: Copy a Process Workflow Design

Export / Copy a Process Design

First, open the process in the Process Designer and choose export (under File menu).  A standard dialog box will appear providing the ability to choose a file name and path. Note that exported files have a .wfl extension.  Then choose Import (under File menu).  Browser to the file and open.  The process will open in the Process Designer.  Save it.  You will notice it has been save at the “Processes” root and has the same process name as the exported process.  Right-Click and choose rename.  Rename it and save it.  From there you can drag the process to any preferred folder.