People We Helped – Diamond Knot Brewing


SAINT LOUIS, MO – Delivering quality and diversity, microbreweries have seen rapid growth across the country, bringing new challenges to these once small businesses.  As the trend continues, breweries like Diamond Knot Brewing Co. headquartered in Mukilteo, WA have expanded to multiple locations. To streamline their processes, Diamond Knot has implemented HighOrbit Corporation’s business process management solution to manage their growing business and increased staff.

“HighOrbit enabled us to create structured processes for many different needs, for user initiated and recurring tasks,” said Bob Maphet, owner of Diamond Knot Brewing Co. “Since we could build our own processes, tailored to our needs, employees are now more accountable for their actions. HighOrbit’s attention to detail, training and availability to answer questions during the implementation process has brought much needed structure.”

According to HighOrbit’s Brian Dwyer, the company’s business process management solution was developed to give companies greater control over the individual processes they rely on for the successful operation of their business. “Businesses of any size or shape can benefit from the advantages of workflow automation, including:  accountability, control and efficiency,” he said.

About Diamond Knot Brewing

Diamond Knot is a microbrewery, operating two breweries and three restaurants. Prior to HighOrbit’s workflow automation system, the company relied on email to track their process, leading to some employee tasks being overlooked. Diamond Knot currently has 14 users on HighOrbit and plans to implement the system in eight new departments. HighOrbit manages the company’s marketing requests, maintenance requests, management decisions, procurement requests, human resources and accounting processes.  Visit to learn more about Diamond Knot Brewing