FAQ – How to Add Users and Groups/Roles

User & Groups-Roles Menu

Users with Company Administrator security access will notice the Admin Menu is rendered and accessible from the main navigation.  The Admin Menu does not display for users without Company Administrator security access.  Under the Admin Menu, you will find the User and Groups/Roles pages.


Add Users
HighOrbit FAQs: Add User Record Button

Click Here to Add a New User

HighOrbit FAQs: Create New User Screen

Enter User Info & Save

Once in the user list, click the Add Record” button.That will take you to the Create New User page where you enter and save the new User.





Add & Maintain Groups/Roles
HighOrbit FAQs: Group/Roles Page

Add or Maintain Groups & Roles

HighOrbit FAQs: Group/Roles Maintenance

Add or Delete User from Group or Role

From the Group List page you can add Groups/Roles and maintain the Users assigned to a specific Group/Role