People We Helped – German Plant Research Company


SAINT LOUIS, MO – Companies with sophisticated manufacturing and research require scalable yet detailed processes that can help them control quality while increasing efficiency. A German based firm specializing in plant breeding and research, recently found themselves with just this need when they turned to HighOrbit to help them establish a cost-effective workflow automation system to help them achieve near-term and strategic growth objectives.

The German firm’s current and future growth goals require scalable, efficient processes. HighOrbit serves both large and small companies, offering flexible, easy to use and cost efficient options. That makes HighOrbit the ideal solution for companies with high aspirations.

The US managers of the German company turned to HighOrbit, looking for a way to make substantial improvements in internal processes without overhauling their ERP system. Specifically, they wanted to quickly deploy a user friendly system to handle purchase order creation, approval routing, PO submission and invoice processing.

“Our business depends on orderly processes,” said a company spokesperson. “I needed a simple and inexpensive workflow tool that could route, approve, and maintain purchase orders and invoices.”

HighOrbit met the need with speed and agility, helping the research company through database setups and offering world class support. The simplicity of the system minimized training requirements, getting them up and running in short order.

The HighOrbit system was, by far, the better way to go. “The only alternative to this,” the spokesperson said, “would have been in investing in improvements to our ERP system or moving to an SRM system with full ERP integration. Neither of which we had the budget for.”