The Top Three Questions You Should Be Asking About Workflow Automation


The Top Three Questions You Should Be Asking About

Workflow Automation


My business partner (Kevin) and I have spent most of our professional careers involved in some aspect of business process or workflow automation.  Myself with operations, sales & marketing and Kevin with the technology and physical development.  Kevin developed our Workflow Automation System and started HighOrbit in 2001.  I joined in 2003 to help “take Business Process Management & Workflow Automation to the small business market”.

Since then, we have sat through thousands of meetings and software presentations with potential customers.  One thing we have always noticed; every prospect asks the same static questions.  Don’t get me wrong, while many of them are great questions, it gets a bit monotonous to address these surface-level issues time and again. In fact, what we’ve found over the years is that they’re really not getting to the heart of the matter, and asking the fundamental things that will help them understand what a critical role Workflow Automation can play in their business.

Perhaps now you’re wondering what those questions are – at least, we hope you are! As we pondered the issue, Kevin and I developed the top questions that prospects SHOULD be asking about workflow automation:

Question #1

Why should start-ups or small businesses like ours invest in Workflow Automation software?

This is a scary reality business owners and investors must consider.  All start-ups and small business have the same goals: to increase sales revenue and net income, to grow their business.  You cannot effectively grow your business with an operational foundation reliant on inefficient, manual processes or workflows.  There are huge risks with attempting growth upon a shaky foundation.  Exponential growth could actually end up doing more harm than good.

Picture increased orders with manual and mistake-riddled processes for sales, purchasing, fulfillment, customer service and billing.  Picture the chaos as you try to hire and train the new personnel needed to meet the increased volume.  Got that?  Now picture vendors demanding payment before you billed the client or even fulfilled the orders.  Picture unhappy and lost customers.  Picture what happens to your businesses reputation.

Workflow Automation software helps you build a solid foundation that supports growth.  One that can handle even exponential growth and do so with a much lower investment in personnel; maybe none.  Automated workflows inherently deliver efficiency and accountability while providing management the visibility into daily operations they require.  Workflow Automation systems track the performance data necessary to analyze and match resource requirements to growth levels.

Question #2

What is the single most important benefit to implementing a Workflow Automation System?

Most people would probably say efficiency.  That’s the obvious answer and is certainly a major benefit any organization can derive from implementing a Workflow Automation System.  However, for us, the single most important benefit is Consistency.  The value of consistency is often overlooked.   What we love about consistency is that it comes with an amazing secondary benefit; professionalism.

When your business processes are executed the exact same way in the same amount of time no matter who is working on them, you have achieved the consistency only a Workflow Automation System can deliver.  With that consistency comes the market advantage with projecting a professional image.  That consistency becomes a part of your brand, and more importantly, the experience your brand delivers. Everyone who encounters your organization knows they can rely on the identical, highly desired results.  It is an intangible benefit, but it has immense value in the market place.

Question #3

What makes your system and support different than anything I’ve come across in the past?

From its inception, our system was designed and developed specifically for small to medium sized businesses.  That focused approach resulted in a set of features unique to HighOrbit.

  1. Do-It-Yourself: The system is very straight forward and easy to use. Its graphical workflow designer allows non-technical personnel to develop, deploy, maintain and manage their own automated business processes.  A variety of documentation and an online resource center provides everything an organization needs to be self-sufficient.  Of course, we do provide professional services for those that prefer to outsource their projects.
  2. Costs: Since the system was designed for small business, it was priced accordingly. The HighOrbit Workflow Automation System is very affordable.  Cloud-based subscriptions start at only $75/ month for 4 users and top out at 125 users for $350/month.  That includes all updates, upgrades and support.  There are no limits on how many workflows you automate.  Click HERE for pricing details.
  3. Support: Every trial and active customer account is assigned a 2-person team whose 1st priority is always support inquiry response. Each account is assigned a Workflow Specialist and a Technician.  Prospects and Customers are provided “direct” contact information to their assigned personnel.  During a trial, personnel not only provide Q&A support, but also training and workflow automation design at no charge.

So what questions will you ask when you think about workflow automation? We hope we’ve inspired you to think about it a little differently now than perhaps you have in the past. Think of the benefits it can deliver, and how you may be able to scale your business with minimal investment. Grow and achieve your goals with HighOrbit.