Value of Staying in Start-up Mode

The Value of Staying in “Startup” Mode


Today more than ever, we live in a business world where the term “startup” is tossed around like a bean bag at the county fair. I’ve read countless articles on what the definition of the term truly is, what qualifies as a startup, and what startups exist to do. Some go so far as to broadcast numbers to measure the business against (if you’re at this number, you aren’t a startup anymore), and get into philosophical discussions about whether the new dry cleaner on the corner is a startup.

While there are nuggets of truth in everything I’ve explored (as well as a lot of smart-sounding nonsense), I’ve come to the conclusion that we at HighOrbit see a great deal of value in many of the tenants that exist in startup mode. So much so that we’re proudly declaring our commitment to stay here! Are we crazy? Do we lack ambition and vision? Are we stuck? Quite the opposite is true. In fact, as advocates for workflow automation, we see ourselves as the enabler of many startup goals and beliefs. With that in mind, let us point out why we believe there is value in staying in startup mode.


Doing more with less

Startups have big goals, and important needs/wants that they’re looking to fulfill. There’s a great deal of work to be done, but in most cases, not enough bodies to do it. Top that challenge off with the time it takes to complete and manage labor-intensive, manual processes, and you’re stretching a limited staff even further. But startups are committed to their dreams and goals, and work hard to make them happen. They learn to do more with less.

We at HighOrbit love the value of doing more with less. We live it each day, and we think everyone should. With a small staff which we’ve maintained since our founding in 2001, my business partner Kevin and I have built HighOrbit into an international organization, with customers and resellers around the world. This growth has been made possible by workflow automation. Yes, we use our own product. The HighOrbit system takes all of our processes, from software trial signups and server maintenance to accounting and customer communications (among others), and automates them so that we don’t have to spend our time making sure projects are on track, tasks are complete, or operational issues are taken care of.  HighOrbit even integrates with our accounting and CRM software to make everything seamless. It’s enabled us to do a lot more – more than we ever imagined possible – without having to take on more expense. Doing more with less is a beautiful thing, and it’s not hard. Try it, you’ll like it.


Create culture and an experience

No, we’re not talking about kegs of beer and ping pong tables, although that is present in many startups you read about. The culture we’re referring to is one in which you’re delivering on your promises, building trust with your audience, and making some sort of impact in the way people live, are entertained, do business, receive information, or whatever your product or service is intended to do. That translates to experience, and ultimately is what builds your brand.

There may be no better way to create this type of culture and brand experience than through workflow automation. HighOrbit can help ensure that you’re keeping your commitments to your customers, that all details are covered, and that you’re communicating with them when they need you. It makes for a consistent customer experience, one that will build your brand and give you a competitive edge in the market. Our use of HighOrbit helps us deliver better service to our customers, and creates more lasting relationships. They know what to expect from us, and they know they can count on us. These days, experience is everything. Startups tend to get that. Stay in that mode and it will make a difference to your bottom line.


Deliver something big

Startups tend to be hyper-focused on developing a “thing” that will address a big need in the market (whether the market knows they need it or not). They spend endless hours working towards that goal, pouring all of their energy into it, and telling everyone who will listen how life will change because of this big thing they’re developing. Making something big takes support, and the smartest entrepreneurs will tell you that.

We know this well at HighOrbit. Since 2001, we’ve been passionate advocates for workflow automation. I’ve been known to whip out my laptop at happy hour, demonstrating to my friends how life-changing workflow automation can be. I haven’t (and I won’t) lose that passion. We know we’re delivering something big that makes an impact to a business. I’ve already described above what it’s enabled us at HighOrbit to do. Maintaining this position of excitement and enthusiasm typically seen in the startup world has driven us even after all these years. It’s an enjoyable place to exist. I highly recommend it.


Have I inspired you to stay in startup mode for the long haul? Perhaps you’re looking at it a little differently now, or maybe you want to get to know us a little better. We’d welcome the opportunity to talk startups, why we’re committed to always being one, workflow automation, and more.