Guides & Videos

Below are a variety of HighOrbit Workflow Automation System Technical Guides and Videos.  Some require you to click a link to download the physical document.


HighOrbit Expressions Supplement – Description and examples of the functions that can be used inside Calculate and Decision actions.

HighOrbit Java API – Server Access Bean – JavaDoc (PDF output) of the HighOrbit Server Access Bean. This allows you to write Java applications to directly access the HighOrbit Server and functionality.

HighOrbit WebAPI Guide – The WebAPI Design Action is a simple integration with any web form.  View this guide to see how to use it as well as examples of its usage.

HighOrbit Web Post Guide – The Web Post Design Action can be used to make a call to a web server and retrieve data from a web page.

FTP External Action – Information on using the FTP Custom Code action to send and retrieve files via the FTP Protocol

Password Policy Configuration – How to enable and configure password policies for self-hosted servers.



System Overview Video

Getting Started with HighOrbit