Getting Started with HighOrbit

A Step-By-Step Guide to Implementing Workflow Automation with HighOrbit

HighOrbit understands that organizations can be at different levels of interest when it comes to adopting new technology such as business process or workflow automation and management. Interests can range from preliminary, to distinct intensities of research, to a serious search for an effective software solution. We try to accommodate everyone; whether they just want to have a quick discussion, are investigating possible solutions or want to “try before they buy”. Below is the Step-By-Step Guide to getting started with HighOrbit.  Our assistance is available at any of the steps outlined. You dictate the level of assistance needed.

STEP 1 – Is HighOrbit a Valid Solution For Your Organization?
  • Determine whether HighOrbit is a valid solution that can fulfill both current and future workflow automation requirements.
    • A simple and short call or online meeting can be scheduled to discuss your interests or requirements. Click here to request a call or online meeting.
    • If you are confident HighOrbit is a valid solution worthy of further consideration or simply prefer a self-guided review, go to Step 2.
STEP 2 – Sign Up For a Free 45 Day Trial. (This is a full access account and no credit card is required)
  • Decide whether you want assistance from HighOrbit or not and how much.
    • During your trial HighOrbit personnel assigned to your account are available to assist. We can provide on-the-job training as we implement your first Workflow Automation & Management project together. Included with the trial is all the professional services necessary to secure successful implementation. These services include workflow automation consulting, process design and training.
    • You are also free to evaluate the system on your own. You will have access to a variety of system
      Getting Started with HighOrbit - System Documentation under Help Menu

      Helpful Documents Easily Accessed

      documentation under the “Help” menu in your account and our online Resource Center where you can find FAQ’s, Best Practices and a multitude of detailed guides. You can still contact HighOrbit to answer any questions or request a little assistance. Feel free to call or email the HighOrbit personnel assigned to your trial account.

STEP 3 – Initial System Review & Evaluation
  • HighOrbit recommends you contact us for a quick system review, no matter what level of assistance you want. Watching an experienced user navigate the system can accelerate an overall understanding of system features and capabilities, especially those that relate to your specific needs.
  • For those that prefer the self-guided approach, we recommend reading the Web Interface and Process Designer guides found under the Help menu in your trial account.
  • NOTE: A sampling of automated processes (we call them starter kits) are included in your trial account. Reviewing their design as you physically run through the process is a great way to familiarize yourself with the system. You can find an overview of each Starter Kit process in our Resource Center.
STEP 4 – Design & Test Your Automated Workflows/Processes
  • This is generally accomplished one of three ways.
    • The most likely are through collaborative online session(s) with HighOrbit personnel. These sessions allow you to become acclimated to the system; focusing on the graphical drag-and-drop Process Designer. This is essentially on-the-job training.
    • If by chance you have your workflow or processes documented, HighOrbit will design and test those processes themselves. Then review the end-results for your feedback and approval.
    • Those in self-guided mode can continue on their own knowing HighOrbit is available by phone or email to answer any questions. Brief online meetings can also be scheduled to address any questions/concerns.
    • Minimum recommended reading at this step is the ”Expressions” and “Best Practices” guides found in our online Resource Center. Those with more of an IT background may also want to review our online Technical Information page..
    • NOTE: The HighOrbit system includes a full Testing environment. Users can run through their automated workflows in Test Mode and make any necessary changes before live deployment. Test Mode also allows testers to change users, so they can experience the system from different user and security access perspectives.
STEP 5 – Deploy Automated Workflows For  “Live” Testing With Users
  • Once testing is successfully completed, it is time to present the system to your organization and get user feedback. Depending on your comfort level at this point, you can present this yourself or with HighOrbit’s assistance.
  • If your presentation and design is completed properly, users should be able to navigate the system, comprehend task notification emails and complete any assigned tasks with minimal to no additional instructions.
  • NOTE: You will need to create the users in the system before deployment and live testing. This is very straight forward procedure. HighOrbit is available to assist, if needed. New users receive an email with login instructions that include their username and password.

HighOrbit New User Email

STEP 6 – Review Live Testing Results & User Feedback
  • Assuming live testing and user feedback resulted in change requests, those can be completed yourself or with HighOrbit’s assistance.
  • Once changes are made, Test and repeat Step 5.
STEP 7 – Trial Completion
  • The purpose of the trial is to attain the information based upon your level of interest.
    • Preliminary: Someone with a preliminary interest, would most likely have completed only Step 1 and 2….Maybe Step 3 by the end of the 45 day Trial. Those steps should have provided any answers surrounding a basic curiosity of Workflow Automation software and whether it is something to consider in the future.
    • Research: Completing at least Steps 1-4 should provide anyone researching possible solutions for their organization with a solid idea of whether Workflow Automation Software (like HighOrbit) is a valid solution worthy of a more detailed evaluation and pursuit.
    • Serious Searchers: By the end of the trial, you should have at least one process automated; functionally running live. Plus you will have achieved the knowledge necessary for a self-sufficient future. Ultimately, you should know whether HighOrbit is the best solution for automating workflows within your organization…..all at a price point you can afford. If so, and you are ready to buy, you can simply click the Pricing & Activation link in your trial account.

      Getting Started with HighOrbit - Pricing & Activation LInk

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