HighOrbit provides a variety of support options, including

  • Account Process Specialist & Technician
  • Resource Center
  • System Documentation


Every account (Trial or Active) has an assigned Process Specialist.  You should consider them your first line of support.  The Process Specialist’s main responsibility and first priority is responding to client support inquiries.  You can contact them direct by your preferred method; phone or email. If you prefer you can also simply email us at  Activated accounts also have direct access to an assigned Technician.  Their direct contact information is provided upon account activation

The Resource Center is your online source for answers.  The center is full of valuable information; How to Get Started, Best Practices, FAQ’s, and Technical Information.  The technical information page includes technology requirements, the expressions guide, a number of tutorials and all the self-hosted system installation & configuration documentation.  At a minimum, HighOrbit recommends everyone review the Best Practices, FAQ’s, and the Expressions Guide (on the Technical Information page).  This is where you would also find documentation to the Starter Kit workflow examples in your account.

HighOrbit Help Menu & System Documentation


There is, of course, a full set of System Documentation.  It can be accessed from within your account and is found under the “Help” menu.  It includes an Overview Guide, User Interface Guide and a Process Designer Guide.