Workflow Automation Starter Kits

Within 24 hours after signing up for a Free Trial, HighOrbit will import a set of workflow examples.  We refer to them as Starter Kits.  Their main purpose is to help acclimate you to the system.  They all utilize process design “best practices and incorporate a variety of design actions and features. Each starter kit process is documented to include an overview, list of highlighted features and instructions.

By no means do we expect these processes to be used as-is.  However, they do provide a good starting point.  They are solid examples of how to approach, design and automate any process you may be interested in.  If you have any questions or would like to schedule an online review of the Starter Kits or discuss your specific requirements, please contact the Process Specialist assigned to your account.

It should be noted that the HighOrbit Workflow Automation system is not limited to these types of business processes for specific departments.  The easy to use process design tool can be utilized to automate essentially any repeatable workflow.

Click the links below to access the Workflow Automation Starter Kits Documentation.

Workflow Automation Starter Kits

Accounting/Purchasing Workflows

Document Routing/Approval Workflows

Human Resources Workflows

Information Technology Workflows

Order/Services Fulfillment Workflows

Sales Force Automation Workflows

Consists of the following interrelated Workflows…

  • New Prospect
  • Quote Review & Approval
  • New Customer