Cloud-Based Subscription Pricing

Cloud-Based Subscription Pricing

As a leading provider of Workflow Automation software & systems, HighOrbit provides both Cloud-Based (Hosted) subscriptions and On-Premise (Self-Hosted) licensing. Though we have a number of large enterprise clients, the system was specifically developed and priced for the Small Business market. We are proud to offer our system at an affordable and rapid Return-On-Investment (ROI) price point. Below is the cloud based subscription pricing most small business owners prefer.  To implement, it requires nothing more than a browser and a broadband internet connection.

If you have any questions or to schedule a personal demonstration, please contact us.

Cloud-Based Subscription:

Our Cloud-based monthly subscriptions are available in predefined maximum named-user levels.  For example, an account with 8 named users would be at Level 2 (up to 10 Named Users).  That account would remain at Level 2 until they added their 11th user.  That would push them into Level 3 (up to 20 Named Users).  Aside from the Monthly Subscription, there is a onetime account set-up/activation fee.  The monthly subscription includes:

  • unlimited workflows
  • software updates & major upgrades
  • basic Q&A support

Account Setup / Activation (one time fee) is $300

User LevelPer MonthAnnually (10% Discount)
Up to 4 Named Users $75$810
Up to 10 Named Users$110$1188
Up to 20 Named Users$175$1890
Up to 40 Named Users$230$2484
Up to 70 Named Users$290$3132
Up to 125 Named Users$350$3780
If you prepay for 12 month, there is a 10% on the user level monthly costs
Over 125 Named Users?  Please call for pricing options.
Cloud-Base Subscription OptionsPrice
External Datasource (MySQL) $35 / Month
Migration: Cloud-Based to On-Premise$500
Company Branding, includes
- Colors, Logo, URL
- Ability to customize system emails
$250 / One-Time Setup fee, plus
$35 / Month
SSL Certificate with Company Branding Option$150 / Year

HighOrbit has a team of Workflow Automation professionals.  We provide a comprehensive list of professional services related to our software offerings. These services include consulting, training, workflow/process design, and system customization.  Any properly specified project can be fix-cost quoted.  All professional services are billed at either…

  • $150 per hour (Remotely)
  • $1,500 per day, plus expenses (Onsite)