On-Premise Licensing

On-Premise Licensing

Though most customers choose our Cloud-Based (Hosted) subscriptions, HighOrbit also offers On-Premise licensing. We understand there are organizations where cloud computing is either against policy, conflicts with regulatory compliance or is simply not preferred. As with our cloud pricing, on-premise licensing is still targeted for small business.  It is also available at an affordable and rapid Return-On-Investment (ROI) price point. Below is the on-premise concurrent user licensing.  Technical implementation requirements can be found in the Technical Information page of our online Resource Center.

If you have any questions or to schedule a personal demonstration, please contact us.

On-Premise Licensing

Our In-House/ Self Hosted system is licensed in predefined maximum concurrent user levels. With this type of licensing, a client can have an unlimited number of named-users. However, the concurrent user level determines how many named users can be in the system at any given moment. For example, a client with a 10 Concurrent User License could have 100 or more named users in the system, but only 10 could be logged in at the same time.

  • Includes unlimited named users
  • Includes unlimited workflows

Concurrent User License

On-Premise User LicensePrice (one-time)
10 Concurrent Users$3,000
25 Concurrent Users$5,000
60 Concurrent Users$9,500
100 Concurrent Users$12,000
150 Concurrent Users$16,000
250 Concurrent Users$20,000
500 Concurrent Users$25,000
1000 Concurrent Users$33,000
Add-on User Licenses
Single User$600
5-Concurrent User Pack$1,000
10-Concurrent User Pack$1,500

Annual Maintenance Agreement

  • Includes basic Q&A support, quarterly software updates and maintenance releases
  • 18% of User License and Options – Paid Annually
On-Premise OptionsPrice
LDAP / Active Directory Module
Supports both Authentication & Authorization
Complete System Installation & Configuration by HighOrbit$800
System Installation & Configuration Assistance (estimated)$400
LDAP Integration & Configuration Assistance (estimated)$400
Proof-of-Concept 120 Day License w/o LDAP Module$2,000
Proof-of-Concept 120 Day License w/LDAP Module$3,000



HighOrbit has a team of Workflow Automation professionals. We provide a comprehensive list of professional services related to our software offerings. These services include consulting, training, workflow/process design, and system customization. Any properly specified project can be fix-cost quoted. All professional services are billed at either…

  • $150 per hour (Remotely)
  • $1,500 per day, plus expenses (Onsite)