Software Release Notes

8511399Added REST Api functions for workflowAdded various REST api functions for both workflow operations and Web API form submit. integrationAdded a custom workflow action that allows processing of sales and authorization transactions with a third party processor,
8491399SSO integration with NetSuiteAdded optional code to allow SSO with NetSuite
8481399Bulk task selectNew task list view that allows selecting of multiple same-class tasks and complete them in bulk, assuming no extra data entry requirements.
8471399SuiteCRM IntegrationAdded a custom workflow operation to provide full integration with SuiteCRM. Uses XML description file to describe operations that are to be performed at various steps in the workflow, and data element mappings.
8461399Issue with old gate records after process canceledFixed an issue that removes open gate records when a process is canceled (in case it is later reactivated )
8441371Process security settingsFixed an issue where group membership was not being fully recursed to determine membership authority.
8431371POP3 Bad email addressFixed an issue where if an email had a badly formatted email address, pop3 message retrieval would stop/error out.
8421371Issue with deleted usersFixed issue where if a deleted user had the exact username as an active user, they would have issues logging in
8411371Configurable limit for items in readlineitemtableNew server option to change the limit on records that can be read in during a ReadLineItemFromTable operation. Self hosted systems only.
8401371Faster task chainingUse push notifications to display next task after a task is completed, resulting in faster user experience
8391371Instant screen after process startUse push notifications to display initial task after process is started, resulting in faster user experience
8351371Time zone reset upon user editFixed an issue of the user's timezone resetting after certain types of user edits
8341371Fixed issue when multiple tasks open with tablesFixed an issue with Line Item Table data when multiple tasks were open in different tabs in a user's browser
8281323Calculate actions to look at task datesAdded two calculation functions that can look up a tasks due date or completion date
8251371Admin options to show group membershipAdded new admin menu items to better show which users effectively belong to a security group (based on recursive group membership)
8231323Issue with Manual Start delay parametersFixed issue where initial task display delay parameters were not being checked correctly
8221280Improved performance for user securityAdded user security caching operations to improve performance on certain types of server and user security operations
8211323Process Security IssueFixed issue where process owners were not able to open/edit their own processes because of a specific combination of security settings
8201280Password Reset ScreenVarious issues with functionality and formatting fixed related to the "forgot password" and "forgot username" screens.
8191280Issue with numeric formatting and DB operationsFixed an issue where some non numeric formatting characters would cause an issue with DB actions
8181280Clear MultiUser data element functionAdded a Calculate function that will clear all results of a Multi User data element
8171280Workflow Action for SMS messagingAdded a workflow action to send SMS messages via partner application. A SMS message credit system has also been implemented
8141280Sort manual starts in Web InterfaceUsers now have an option to sort the list of manual starting points displayed in the left navigation area.
8131233Proxy User Add Date formattingFixed issue with internationalized dates in the Proxy User Add screen
8091221Process Metrics securityFixed an issue where in certain cases, users were allowed to see process metrics for processes in which they did not have the correct security
8081221Edit Task SubjectUsers with Change Data access can edit active Task Subjects via the Process Instance Status screen
8071221Process Metric TotalsAdded totals/summary to process metrics output
8061221Option to sort folders alphabeticallyNew menu option under Preferences... to sort process folders in the left navigation area alphabetically
8041371Offline password reset issueFixed an issue with CSS and page loading during an password reset request
8031221Export data and UnicodeFixed an issue with "exporting" data that contained Unicode characters
8011208Security setting to view delays/gatesAdded a process security setting that allows included users to view active delays and active gates in process instances
8001208SSO for LDAP ModuleAdded some Single Sign On capabilities for the LDAP module. Current user information requested from browser (Chrome, IE, FireFox)
7991208Fixed sub-process db queuing issueFixed an issue where a process instance might be incorrectly detected as complete when it contains database operations and DB queuing is active.
7981208Increased Tomcat VM memoryIncreased the default setting for the Java VM for Tomcat
7951221Ability to edit Due DatesUsers with Change Data access can edit due dates of existing tasks via the Process Instance Status screen
7931180Added ability to change UsernamePrior to this update, admins could only change first/last names of users. The username and associated group name could not be changed without removing and recreating the user. This allows admins to update a username by clicking on a "Change Username" option in the Edit User page.
7921180"Assign Back" button fixed for Dynamic GroupsIf the original group was a Dynamic group, the assign back button will now find what the group originally was and allow a task to be assigned back to that group rather than be completed.
7911221Assign Back for Dynamic GroupsThe assign-back button now works when the original group was a Dynamic Group
7901371Issue with group list / LDAPFixed an issue with group member lists and LDAP integration
7871371Updated Report Libraryto Jasper Reports 5.6
7841180Corrected proxy settingsFixed some issues with newer proxy servers to allow the Designer to connect
7831180Saves last used report directory preferenceSaves the last directory used to find a Jasper report, easier to add reports from the same directory
7771221Added new default viewAdded a new default view, Me and My Groups, to newly created company Id's
7761149Heuristics/performance increase for Action RunnerChanged the way consecutive actions are queued to increase server performance
7751149Updated Jasper Reports libraryUsing 4.7 library, includes conditional formatting options
7741149Taglib UpdatesUpdated Java Taglib to include "required by button" JavaScript code
7701149Printer Friendly task pageFixed the table width formatting on the Printer Friendly Task Details page
7681149Read only Date fieldsCalendar no longer pops up for Date fields flagged as read-only
7651221TLS/SSL and port 587Outbound mail connections can now be made using SSL/TLS and the secondary SMTP port, 587
7631138Updated Proxy Server settingsUsing updated code to handle SOCKS proxy connection between the Designer and the server.
7621149Task Chaining issueFixed an issue related to Task Chaining
7601138Better DB Queue SignalingSpeed up processes by better signaling the main thread when DB operations complete. Also speeds up processes when generating reports.
7591138Re-activate processAllows Company Adminstrators to re-activate a closed process and specify the point of the process to start via dropdown. This feature is available in the Process Status page
7581138WebStart Link updatedUpdated the Start Process Designer to use a "best practice" to generate the correct MIME TYPE for Java WebStart
7571138Made Login default buttonMade the Login button on the Designer connection dialog box a Default button. This eliminates a mouse click and allows the user to simply press Enter
7561138Fixed DateToString issueThere was an internal compiler issue related to the DateToString function in the Calculate action. This has been recompiled to use the correct data type.
7501221Admins can edit usernamesIn the user edit menu, administrators can now edit a user's actual username (different than first/last name)
7491138Added IMAP and IMAPS protocolsAdded new protocols for the Check Email starting action. For IMAP(s), user can specify Folder to check as well.
7481099Task entry screen timeout changeIf a user is in the task entry/details screen, a keep-alive will be sent to keep the user's session from automatically timing out.
7471099System Message areaAdded an area to all web pages where a system message (ie scheduled maintenance, etc.) will be visible to all logged in users.
7461099Total Item count in task listAdded the Total Items count back to the top of the task list page.
7431099Locate original From address in emailEmail Start action can now look for the original "From:" address on forwarded emails.
7421099Granular security for ExecuteActionThe ExecuteAction (custom Java code) can be enabled for specific classes or specific company ID's
7411208Process MetricsAdded process and task metric reports under the Report Menu. Metrics can be viewed either per/process or per/user, and show statistics such as tasks opened, completed, and average completion time.
7371138Menu Collapse and Expand AllAdded icons to collapse the Left Navigation area. Also added Expand All button, and refresh button
7351099Task background colorChanged the way task background colors are automatically darkened to fix a visual issue.
7331099Issue with web post actionFixed an issue where a Web Post action could potentially cause a more serious error and terminate a workflow.
7321099MultiuserResponse issueFixed an issue with the MultiUserResponse calculate function returning the wrong data in some cases
7311078Added Exact Match optionAdded option for search and Advanced Search for string matching on an exact value to greatly speed up searches when enabled
7301078Date range date formatsNow using user's preferred date format for start/end dates in searches.
7291078Fixed task detail Unicode issueFixed an issue where certain Unicode characters where not displaying correctly on the Task Detail page.
7281078Date format for Proxy UserNow using user's preferred date format for start/end dates for proxy users.
7271078CSS BrandingAllow different CSS to be used for each company as part of Company Branding Option.
7261078Jasper 4.1 LibrariesAdded Jasper 4.1 libraries to default build
7251078LDAP CachingAdded enhanced caching functionality to certain types of internal LDAP queries, for better performance.
7241078DB Operations in Background threadDBUpdate and DBLookup operations now run in a background thread to help improve system responsiveness
7221099Password ExpirationA company password policy can be set to force users to change passwords after a specified amount of time. Users will be warned several days prior.
7211078Password ChangingMore features added to validate password complexity when a user changes a password.
7201078Various Task LoggingMore history items added to Task Logging
7191078Log searchesFor hosted servers, more details on user searches can be added to the log file to help server performance.
7181078Task History added to Status PageMore information about detailed task history has been added to the top of the process status pages.
7171078Task History LoggingNew features to log more on changes and updates to tasks. More extensive event logged added.
7161078Configure Text Color for TasksNew option allows for changing the text color for tasks as well as the background color
7151078Task Background Color IssueFixed an issue where certain task background colors were not saving back to the workflow.
7141022Added css to branding optionsAdded ability to specify custom style sheets when using company branding option in Web Interface
7131022New Jasper LibraryUpdated server to use a newer Jasper Reports 4.1 library
7121022Possible LDAP resource issueFixed a potential resource usage issue in LDAP context objects
7111022Adv Search Issue with date criteriaFixed an issue caused when dates and data element search criteria we specified
7091011Memory issue with LDAP contextsFixed a possible memory "leak" with LDAP context objects.
7081011Updates to default Tomcat 7Updated installer to use Tomcat 7 vs Tomcat 5
7071011Default to Log4J LoggerUsing a more standard logging library with more options to tune system logging on self-hosted systems
7061011Options to configure Task Chain TimeoutNew server settings to determine how long an "Attempt to Chain to Next Task" will re-scan the task list, and how long attempts will be made before timing out.
7051011Error page on Task Chaining timeoutA new error page will be displayed if the "Attempt to Chain to Next Task" operation fails or times out.
7041011Updated web interface technologyWeb Interface now uses 100% jQuery (as opposed to Yahoo UI) for better compatibility in browsers and tablets.
7031011Better group/role editorNow using a drag/drop editor to assign groups and roles.
700995Issue with Manual Start containing single quoteFixed a JavaScript error for Manual Starts in the Web Interface if the name of the starting point contained a single quote character.
699995Task/Form Chaining between sub-processesTask/forms can now be chained when the are generated in a related sub-process, or when generated back in the parent process.
698995Unicode now allowed in String LiteralsUnicode characters can now be parsed correctly when used as string literals inside a Calculate or Decision expression.
697995LDAP Group Allowed to Login now recursiveWhen checking user login privileges in LDAP, the specified "Groups allowed to login" is now checked recursively for users and groups.
696995Log level decrease for invalid LDAP loginsThis type of error has been demoted to "info" level from "warning"
695995Fixed issue with min/max validationFixed an issue that occurred when validation a min/max number in a form field if it was a floating point number.
694995Fixed Proxy End Date formattingFixed an issue where the proxy end date might incorrectly have a two digit year instead of a four digit year.
690990New Task List ViewAdded a new view for faster Task List display (bypasses YUI code)
689990ManagementView does not allow opening of some taskFixed issue where if a task is shown in the task list because of management view security, it can also be opened without an access error.
687990Test mode data in dropdowns/autosuggestIf a Test Mode Datasource is specified, it will now be used when generating DropDowns in forms (or AutoSuggest fields)
686990LDAP LoggingAdded several LDAP logging options for better debugging.
684990Check LDAP Group Membership RecursivelyCorrected issue causing LDAP to not scan AD/LDAP group membership recursively.
683990Suppress.XML OptionFixed logic error causing Suppress.XML option to be ignored
6821221New security group for delays/gatesA new Process Security Group was added to allow the view of Active Delays, and Active Gates in a process instance
680990Commas causing problems in Line Item table for BRPassed in locale information and updated BigDecimal parser to use it.
679990Issue with Peek buttonFixed issue where Peek causes access error if user only in Management View for process
678990Fixed Assign Back ButtonIncluded text that was shown in original Web Interface
677990Advanced SearchUpdated wording on default drop-down item
676984Dropdowns in Line Item TablesDropdowns will now appear when editing a row, or inserting a new row mid-table
675984LDAP fix for group membershipFixed an LDAP query related to Group Membership lists
674984Date Format ValidationFixed an IE specific issue with a certain type of date format validation (yyyy-MM-dd)
673982Deleteing many process instances takes too longAdded a thread to delete process instances in the background when many instances are selected for deletion. This will also happen during the daily cleanup/maintenance for expired process instances.
672982Clearing all check boxes does not saveFixed issue where clearing all check boxes on a form does not update the form's data element
671982Max/Min values not validating correctedAdded JavaScript on Task Form to validate the specified max/min values on a Numeric Data Element
670982DynGrp Req'd for task buttonFixed an issue where a Dynamic Group is required per/button press on a form. IE related issue.
669982DB operations via Calculate not using Test Mode dbFixed issue to have Calculate actions use Test Mode database, if exists.
668984Error in Advanced SearchFixed a JSP error when doing an Advanced Search with no criteria specified
666990Deleted processes now queued for deletionProcess instances will be deleted in the background, which will result in a performance increase to the server, and user interface.
665975Inactive Company processesIn some instances, scheduled tasks and scheduled starts were still running for inactive company accounts. Now checking for active status in more cases.
663975Auto-redirect after certain operationsAdded an auto-redirect to task list after completing some operations.
662975Process Search DialogLarger dialog on process search screen.
661975DBUpdate Connections staying openFixed an issue where DBUpdate and DBLookup calls kept database connection open under certain error conditions.
660975JSP Standard Error ScreenFixed issue with JSP buffer / not redirecting to proper error screen in case of JSP error
659975Color changes for error'ed fieldedChanged color contrast for fields when showing errors
656975Localized jQueryLocalized jQuery JavaScript libraries for faster load time and less external dependencies.
655990Fixed Task List Page NumberingUpdated Task List Numbering display
654975SetInstanceDocument functionAdded function to copy a document from one process instance to another.
652975JavaScript Date ValidationFixed an issue causing validation problems with a JavaScript validation function.
651975Fixed validation issuesFixed some validation issues related to required checkboxes
650955Advanced Search ScreenAdded an option under Search to allow for searches on specific data elements, and better indexed searching for faster results.
649955Field highlights when errorsHighlight fields when there are data entry errors.
648949Unify errors on form submissionAll form submission errors pop up in one dialog box, rather than multiple, during a standard Task form submission.
646949Fully Implement Private ViewsEnabled code to allow for 'private views' where only the view owner will see the view in the Task List. Public (non-private) views still available to all users in the system.
645949Refresh user session on table editCauses a "Session Refresh" when modifications are made to a Line Item Table in a form. Keeps users from having their session timeout during long table edits.
644949Only Owner can edit private viewAdded security such that only a view's owner, or company administrator, can edit a view.
643949Issue with Required Dynamic GroupFixed a JavaScript error when one or more Dynamic Group data elements were flagged as required on a form.
642949Added function to clear a Line Item TableSee Expressions Guide for details
641949Functions to count results in multi-user dataAdded functions to count the number of responses, and count specific responses in multi-user data elements. See Expressions Guide for details.
639949Added "seconds" to History Log Data elementAdded a "seconds" field to the timestamp in the History Log data element
638949Fixed proxy user issueFixed an issue that occurred when users added each other as proxies
636936Database Integration into Line Item TableAdded ability to populate drop down lists in Line Item Tables from a datasource/query
635936Line Item Tables as inlineLine Item Tables now display directly on the form, and no pop-up is needed
633924Issue with semicolons in string literalsFixed an issue where a semicolon inside a string literal in an expression may have caused a syntax error
628924Issue finding Reports directory during installFixed issue where the installer did not always find the "reports" directory when updating system reports
627924Allow editing of DN's on group listWhen using the LDAP module, allow editing of the matching DN group directly from the group edit page
625936Line Item Tables stored as XMLInternally store Line Item Tables as a native XML format
622922Issue with a quote in SQLFixed and issue that was caused by using a single quote character at the start of an SQL statement
619922Fixed My Processes ReportFixed an issue with the Processes Initiated By Me Report where some columns where being truncated.
618975Whitelist verbiage for new usersAdded verbiage to while list email account when adding new users
6171078Task List Page NumberingMake page numbering more visible and formatted in a more user friendly way.
615897Formatting of Gate Action dialogFixed some formatting issues in the Gate Action properties dialog box
614949Function to build a Dynamic GroupAdded functions to build a dynamic group manually, or from a database query. See Expressions Guide for more details
613897Added functions to check Multiuser DataAdded two functions to count data in a MultiUser Data Element:


612897Datasource for Test ModeAllow a 2nd data source to be specified when running in Test Mode
611897Fixed issue during importFixed an issue that caused a database error when importing a workflow that had certain data elements deleting during development
610880Quick-Add group in DesignerAdded menu item, and CTRL-G to quickly add a new security group from within the Designer
609880Missing groups auto-created on workflow importIf security groups are not present in an account when a workflow is imported, they can be auto-created during the import
607924Letters "CB" showing up next to check boxesRemoved some debugging code that caused the letters CB to appear next to check box items.
604880Validation on GetLineItem functionsFixed some validation issues with the GetLineItem functions
603880IsProduction() expression addedAdded a function to determine if a workflow is running in TEST or PRODUCTION mode. Can be used in Decision workflow actions.
602876Show AKA field in task reminder emailsFor hosted servers, added an option to use the user's AKA value instead of the username in the generated Task Reminder emails.
601876Fixed timeout issue with WebService actionFixed an issue where the timeout for the Web Service action was not activating.
600876Fixed timeout issue with WebPost actionFixed issue with timeout not activating
599873StringToNumber functionAdded a function to the Calculate Action to converts a String to a Number, with an optional Radix specification : StringToNumber(str[,radix])
598873Recursive users in Assignment ListsGet a list of recursive users (groups in groups) to populate the dropdown list in Assignment Dropdowns in forms
597873Fixed issue with Signal ParsingFixed an issue where a parse error could cause a server error in a Signal Action
596873Added optimization for SQL ServerAdded an optimized query for the Task List generation for MS SQL Server (doesn't seem to need one for MySQL)
595873Have CSV Export open in ExcelAdded disposition code to cause CSV data exports to open in Excel (in most browsers)
592847Unicode issue with TDWebEx servletUpdated the Web API servlet to better handle Unicode in form submissions.
590847Formatting issue on Data Element DialogFixed some formatting issues on the Data Element Dialog box
589847Support for Form LabelsAdded a new Data Element type that will display as a label on a form, to separate groups of fields
588847Issue with Button Required Fields on ExportFixed issue when a required field for a specific button was not exporting properly
587847Name sorting in Assignment DropdownSorted names in the dropdowns for Assignment type data elements.
5861280Error path on DB ActionsDesigners can now define a path if an error occurs during an operation. This can provide an alternative workflow path in case of an error
585847Fixed System Msg JavaScript errorFixed a JavaScript error related to the system announcement message.
584840Servlet code encouters unicode issueUpdated the Java Servlet library to better handle Unicode-based form submissions.
583840Fixed date/time write in DB updateFixed an issue where the "time" part of a datetime was not being written to a DB update query
582840Issue with SuperVisorLookup functionFixed two issues with the Supervisor lookup function: finding system groups, and returning Initiator if group name cannot be found
580840INST_GATE table structure errorFixed a table create script for the Gate action back-end tables (datetime datatype vs timestamp)
579840Add MD5 functionAdded a MD5 hash function to the calculate actions
577840Subprocess causing extra drop-down lookupFixed issue where a sub-process would cause an extra DB lookup for certain types of data elements
576840pop3s protocol supportUpdated Java Mail libraries to handle pop3s protocol
575822Issue with spaces in filenames in attachmentFixed a browser issue when file attachments had spaces in the filename.
574822Fixed issue with date in Email ScanFixed an issue with date parsing when reading emails via POP3 scanner.
573819Save prompt in DesignerUpdated code so that the Designer will only prompt to save unsaved workflows if the items in a dialog box have changed (OK button pressed). Previously, would always confirm a save.
571819Server Admin - Force Daily MaintenanceAdded menu item to allow server administrators to force a run of the daily maintenance tasks outside their normal scheduled time
570819Fixed potential deadlockFixed a potential deadlock issue in the error reporting code.
5691221View List sorted alphabeticallyFrom an earlier revision
5681078Unicode issue with Line Item TableFixed a Unicode issue with the Line Item Table display.
567924JavaScript errorFixed an issue that occurred in IE6 that would pop up a JavaScript error on every page load.
566819Line Item table and UnicodeCorrected encoding on the Line Item table web page so that it displays Unicode characters correctly
564840Set limit on email sendsSet a limit on the number of re-attempts for an email if an error is encountered
563840Add ability to clear attachmentsAdded a calculation function that clears attachment data elements.
561807Overwritting of AKA field in user tableFixed issue where the AKA field in the SEC_USERS was being overwritten with some API calls