Benefits of Workflow Automation & Management

Benefits of Workflow Automation & Management

Searching the internet for a desired solution to your overall workflow problems can be a daunting task.  There are many terms for the type of software you could consider.  You could be looking for Business Process Management (BPM), Process Automation, Process Improvement, Collaboration Software, Document Management or Workflow Automation.  So many terms and most are vague, making it even more difficult to determine whether it is a valid solution for your organization or not.

At HighOrbit, Workflow Automation & Management System is our preferred term.  We feel it best describes our software and solution.  To help you determine whether our system is a valid solution, we believe it is important to publish our pricing, along with a detailed information regarding exactly what we deliver and the problems we solve.

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Lets start with a brief physical description of our solution.  The HighOrbit Workflow Automation & Management consist of two main modules; the Process Designer and the User/Management Dashboards. The Process Designer is where you layout your unique workflows using a non-technical, drag-and-drop tool.  When deployed, these flowchart looking designs become a web-based application.  The User/Management Dashboards are where the daily operations and related tasks are worked on and managed.

Below are a detailed list of the problems we solve and the true benefits we deliver with our Workflow Automation & Management system.

Benefits of Workflow Automation & Management

Benefits of Workflow Automation & Management

The Benefits Unique to HighOrbit

The HighOrbit solution is not only cost justifiable, it is affordable for any size organization.
DIY (Do It Yourself)
The easy-to-use Process Design tool allows non-technical personnel to automate workflows with little to no training.
Each account is assigned a Process Specialist & a Technician to guide you through your trial and your lifespan as a HighOrbit client.

The Classic Benefits

These are the ones everyone will recognize and may even consider them a cliche.  That said, these Benefits of Workflow Automation & Management are real.

Inherent features of the workflow automation system makes you immediately more efficient.
Your workflows perform exactly as designed, every time. All tasks are completed in the time allowed and the correct order.
Workflow participants are held accountable for completing their tasks within the management defined time-frame while entering all required data.
Data and status of daily operations are available in a single system. Retrieval of historical information is a few clicks away.
Know the answers to Who, Why and When of every active or completed workflow. Eliminate time consuming status meetings and repeated status inquiries.
Proactively communicate a workflow's data, status and exceptions both internally and externally.
Standard features allow you to integrate your workflows with existing applications and databases.
Workflow performance metrics allow you to identify issues or bottlenecks due to the design, a specific task, or even a specific user.
Whether an internal, external or government regulation, properly designed workflows provide auditable compliance enforcement.
Detailed information allows you to track or trace data and assigned tasks for active and completed workflows.

The Intangible Benefits

The tangible benefits of Workflow Automation not only help project a professional image, it makes your organization more professional.
Go paperless (where it makes sense) by taking your paper forms online.
Training could be as simple as clicking on a task notification and following the instructions on the form.