People We Helped

People are always surprised by the diverse types of organizations that can be helped by implementing a Workflow Automation solution, like HighOrbit’s.  Our client list is a perfect example of this diversity. We have clients, both small and large, in Government, Bio-Tech, Energy, Education, Healthcare, Financial, Telecommunications, Agriculture, Insurance, Real Estate, and Transportation/Logistics to name the most common.  Within these industries are a few internationally recognized corporations like Valero, Sharp Electronics and Pitney Bowes.  Then there are the less common, but those with the most unique requirements, in Legal, Marketing, Not-For-Profit, Engineering, Travel & Leisure, Research, Casino/Online Gambling, Business Consulting, Franchise Management and Country Clubs.  A Microbrewery has even used HighOrbit to implement workflow automation enterprise wide.

To a certain extent, it can be stated that workflow automation systems have limitless application uses.  Any repeatable process can be automated and managed with HighOrbit.

Though we do have a number of large sized clients, our focus is with small business.  Below is just a sampling of the 100’s of small businesses and people we helped.

People We Helped


German Plant Research Company: Purchasing & Invoice Approval Automation (Click to Read More)

“Our business depends on orderly processes”

“We needed a simple & inexpensive workflow tool”


IOTA Engineering: Engineering Change Workflow Automation (Click to Read More)

“We have achieved the level of detail we need”

“The added bonus is the HighOrbit customer support, which is excellent”


Green Demolitions / Renovation Angel: Donation Intake Processing (Click to Read More)

“We’ve been impressed that HighOrbit has been able to tailor it’s approach based on the needs and skill levels of staff”

“We like the fact that the product is user friendly and allows us to be self-sufficient in our day-to-day operations”


TCompanies: Accounts Payables Automation (Click to Read More)

“HighOrbit was chose for its flexibility, scale-ability, but most importantly for its ease of use”

“We have saved time & money and avoid the frustration caused by not knowing the status of an invoice”


Diamond Knot Brewing: Company Wide Implementation of Workflow Automation (Click to Read More)

“HighOrbit enabled us to create structured processes for many different needs”


Agronomy of Canada: Approval for Expenditure (Click to Read More)

“HighOrbit was chosen for its flexibility and openness”

“We noticed almost an immediate improvement”


Galena Biopharma: Approval Process Automation (Click to Read More)

“The low cost coupled with ease of use for routing approvals and online accessibility, made HighOrbit the right choice for managing key approval processes”


Chemical Heritage Foundation: Historical Information Process Automation (Click to Read More)

“HighOrbit provided us a cost effective, easy to use solution”


Martin Leigh Laws & Fritzlen: Legal Deed in Lieu Workflow Automation (Click to Read More)

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the results”


Washington County, Oregon: Vendor Contract Approval Automation (Click to Read More)

“HighOrbit is totally straightforward and clean”

“Other solutions were either too costly or complex”