Who Is HighOrbit?

Who is HighOrbit?

Located in St. Louis, Missouri, HighOrbit is a software development company that provides a Workflow Automation system.  It is designed and priced specifically for the small business market.  We essentially solve common small business problems by delivering a solution for automating and managing daily operations.

Who Is HighOrbit - Workflow Designer

Graphical Workflow Designer

Our easy-to-use workflow design tool can automate any repeatable business process. It does not require any technical or programming expertise, though advanced technical capabilities are available when project requirements dictate their use. Inherent features eliminate the weaknesses associated with traditional paper trails.  For management, the system provides visibility into daily operations through dashboards as well as historical retrieval of business process data for general inquiry or workflow & personnel performance analysis.



A Little HighOrbit History

System development started in 2001.  Internet and cloud-based applications were becoming more readily accepted, making the original idea from 1995, a realistic and achievable business venture.  By 2002, we had incorporated and released the first version of our software.  Back then, it was technically labeled a Business Process Management (BPM) system.  The BPM market was restricted to larger organizations.  At that time, most BPM software was overly complex, required substantial technical resources and was expensive.  We wanted to change all that; bringing BPM technology to small and medium sized business.  We were the anti-BPM system; easy to use with lightening fast implementation at an affordable price.

Over time, we abandoned the BPM acronym and label.  BPM had never really lost the stigma of being complex and expensive.  It also became too well known for costly, failed implementations.  Today, our preferred label is “Workflow Automation”.  It has no negative stigma and is not tightly wound around a methodology and its consultants that boarder on religious extremism.  Workflow Automation is a flexible solution for everyday business process problems.  You don’t have to change your entire culture to automate a workflow.  How an individual organization utilizes a workflow automation solution is entirely up to them.

Since 2002, HighOrbit has continued to improve it’s sole product; the HighOrbit Workflow Automation System.  It is all we do.  Most enhancements are customer driven.  All sales, support, training, software development and customer requested professional services are performed by in-house staff located in St. Louis, Missouri.